Visiting Volunteers

If you or your Christian group would like to come for a few days or a few weeks and do work projects such as painting, masonry and or carpentry work, we always have things that need attending to.

We also welcome groups that want to do short term evangelism projects in the settlements. It is our belief that when God raises up people to visit us he has also given them a purpose for their visit.

We also welcome visitors that just want to watch and see what we do here. If any of those spark an interest in your visiting, please contact us and we will begin a process of getting you on your way.

Volunteer Positions

Missionary Interns

We are currently looking for one or two missionary interns to help us minister to our students and the community. The perfect candidate would have a heart for youth discipleship, and have a music and/or worship team background. We are open to interviewing anyone who feels called to join us, we would also consider a couple.


We've been praying God will send us a Handyman/Gardener. We have a large facility with big gardens. With all our students, there are always things in need of repair. We feel a retired gentleman in reasonably good health who likes kids, is talented making household repairs and enjoys puttering in the garden, would be a good fit. If that sounds like you, we may have a position to keep you busy 20+ hours per week.


It costs us approximately $100 per week to house and feed an adult missionary. Travel and medical expenses would be additional. If you have the means to provide your own support, that’s great, but if you don’t we can help you raise support. We believe that if God is truly calling you to join our team, he will also provide the support.

Naturally, being a Spanish speaker would be very helpful, but if you do not know Spanish don’t let that stand in the way of applying. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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