About Us

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Who We Are

In 2011, Casa De Esperanza Christian Youth Ministries, started helping underprivileged children of West Central Honduras complete their educations.

The Mission

Our mission is to bring Hope to the youth of this area, through Christian discipleship programs based on the foundational concept that, God has a plan for each of our lives (Psalm 139:15-16) that can only be fully realized, embraced and enjoyed through a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

The Program

Since the beginning we have endeavored to provide a loving Christian home environment for underprivileged children of the area and to pay their living and school expenses during the school year. Our 10,000+ square foot dorm style facility currently houses twenty one students and two permanent staff, and we have capacity for up to about thirty five. We are located in La Union, Lempira, Honduras in the heart of the coffee region, an area that is pretty much isolated geographically and economically from the rest of the world. La Union is the principal city of a municipality which encompasses forty eight towns and settlements. Many of those have elementary schools that go to sixth grade, but if the students want to continue their education, they need to come to La Union where the high schools are located. If they don’t have family in the town to live with or the means to pay for their room and board, (which is usually the case), their education is over.

Besides teaching the students the disciplines of an effective, functional and intimate relationship with our loving God, we provide training in personal hygiene, life skills, and preparation for life issues outside the local environment. We have group Bible studies, devotions and accountability groups that are all geared towards preparing the students to live a responsible and productive Christian life as an adult. They are taught that Christianity is not just about going to heaven when you we die, but about letting God mold us and shape us to be like Christ (Philippians 1:6), so that He can use us on life’s journey to change the world around us. The children are taught to not only be disciples of Jesus Christ, but disciple makers for the Kingdom of God. The students learn service and cooperation by doing most of the chores in the house including cooking, cleaning, laundry and gardening. They prepare their own menus and work schedules and hold one another accountable to live within the Biblically based rules of the house. The students lead the praise and worship portion of our church services and manage the operation of our AWANA/Oansa program which is our ministry to the community children which we use as their opportunity to make disciples of others. They do an excellent job of ministering to the sixty to one hundred children that attend each week.

Casa De Esperanza Christian Youth Ministries started in January of 2011, and on October 29, 2014 we were established as a Texas Nonprofit Corporation as a successor organization to Casa De Esperanza, a predecessor nonprofit, and is tax exempt under IRC 501(c)(3).

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